Excerpt from 'You Alright'


Strange shadows were often cast through the island’s rocky landscape and the painter ached when shapes it took as likeness of the creature never actualised. He would on occasions wander towards a cove situated at the northern edge of the island where large floating canopies of yellow kelp were unceasingly being swept into by the rushing current. These slippery canopies had been skimmed off the crowns of immense subaquatic kelp forests further out at sea and comprised tangled thickets of long and limber blades attached to gaseous bulbs. With hard orbed shells, these carbon-monoxide filled bulbs resembled a slew of ersatz eyeballs gawking at the painter in wide-eyed wonder but a distinct lack of expressiveness concealed all intention. Their googlingwas continually interrupted by torrents of air bubbles which effervesced off the blades and buoyed through this cluster of stares to burst at the watery surface. The bubbles bombinated through this thicket and produced gargling sounds which resembled “You alright” repeated in euphonious symphony.

“Yoooouu alll-rrrr- ight”

“Yoooouu al-rrrr- ight”

“Yoooouu alll-rrrr- iiiii”

“Youu alll-rrrr- ight”

“Yoooouu alll-rrrr- ight”

The painter would gambol about and partially immerse himself in this dulcet canopy. He felt the tiny filaments on the blades brush closely against his skin and revelled in the unformed choral song perform by the unblinking gapers. These ersatz eyeballs appeared to be staring everywhere and nowhere all at once and projected a primordial connection to all forms of life allowing the painter to feel momentarily relief from his unavailing plight.